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About us continues to be the most popular and visited English based steel portal globally with 49.5 million page hits during 2011.

SteelGuru, world's most popular English based portal in the arena of steel, metals and mining, was brought into existence in 2005 as an attempt to create a distinctive place to help individuals and companies in the business of steel and allied materials to do better by utilizing information. SteelGuru has achieved this goal by attracting more than 4 million page hits per month.

Our Vision
We, at SteelGuru, firmly believe that after the age of IT in the earlier years of last decade, now the age of information has come. We also strongly believe in free dissemination of information, unless it is specific in nature and that in coming times users would not pay for information of general nature.

What We Do
Anyone, using internet, can find out what is happening all over the globe from hundreds of sources, but is it worth the effort? That's why SteelGuru team aggregates content from various news wire services, press releases from companies, partner news service portals and own correspondents, modifies to make them easier to read and than publishes 130 to 150 articles on the website every day without any break.

Areas We Cover
Although our effort is centered at steel industry but we also cover related fields like raw materials, mining, equipments and logistics etc. We also include consuming segments like auto, pipelines, infrastructures and shipbuilding etc. General economic indicators and other factors influencing steel business are also covered.

News Categorization
As the number of articles is quite large, for easy access we have categorized them in 8 areas:
1. International
2. Chinese
3. Indian
4. Middle East
5. Russian
6. Raw Materials & mining
7. Special Steels
8. Metals

Steel Trade Today
You can also opt for receiving part of the information by registering for Steel Trade Today, free of charge.


Other Services
1. Pricing Services
Steel and raw material prices are monitored on real time basis on daily basis in India & China and on weekly basis in Middle East and Europe.

2. Steel Index
Amidst the currently prevailing volatile and speculative global steel price scenario, has started the much needed barometer to track and measure the domestic steel price movements on daily basis in India, China and Middle East. These price indices outline the way domestic steel market is moving day by day and will help producers, agents in the supply chain, steel buyers, bankers and analysts in their respective businesses.

3. Strategic Research Institute
Focused primarily on market side research and data on Indian steel and user industry for market intelligence, product - market portfolio optimization and diversification, branding, distribution & logistics and other areas.

4. Steel Technology Services - A single window for technology seekers & technology suppliers
Steel mills can see the product range of various technology providers and send their queries to them The user segment can basically cut short the process as well as remove pre project consultancy charges. On the other hand, the reach of SteelGuru as well as its ranking in various search engines helps technology and equipment makers to reach new prospects

5.Project Information
Service to keep you updated with various CAPEX projects in the Indian sub continent and other emerging economies. Under this service, although all the projects are covered, major focus remains on energy, infrastructure and manufacturing segments. Catchments area is India, GCC and MEA

SteelGuru provides an intelligent and powerful database of government, PSU’s and private sector tenders. Brief descriptions of “Live” tenders are available on the main page and details can be accessed by clicking on relevant link. After the due date, the links are shifted to “Expired” status. A synopsis of just released tenders is also published in a special box in Steel Trade Today.

7.Database Services
Unique reliable and updated source for information on steel mills, processors and users in India

Helps companies attract high impact individuals who can dramatically impact the company profile, market position and bottom line. On the other hand, it connects job seekers at middle and junior levels to relevant companies

9.Website Development and Maintenance
A quick, cost effective solution to provide the internet edge to compnaies in steel & metal sphere

Business requires face to face meetings and communication. Our strength lies in our capacity and the capability to build strong networking platforms for creating long lasting and meaningful relationships across the business communities. We go out of our way to create rich environment for learning, meeting people and having meaningful experiences.
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Steel Market Meet Oct 2012 Mumbai
Steel Scrap Summit Feb 2012 Gurgaon
2nd Indian Steel Market Mar 2012 Gurgaon
Steel Technology Conclave Apr 2012 Gurgaon
100 Years of Stainless Steel - Towards Building Corrosion Free India Oct 2012 Delhi
Metal & Steel Scrap Summit Dec 2012 Gurgaon
2nd Steel Technology Conclave Feb 2013 Gurgaon

11.Advertise With Us
With 50 million page views in 2011, presents a unique platform to you for
1. Giving your company the right exposure
2. Strengthening your brand and company image
3. Reaching new markets and customers
4. Increasing investor confidence

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