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Baoshan rolled out 100000 tonnes of CRGO steel
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Thursday, 14 Oct 2010

It is reported that Silicon Sector of Baoshan Iron and Steel Co Ltd has accumulatively rolled out 100,000 tonnes of oriented silicon steel products since the line started service 29 months ago.

As per report, its oriented silicon steel line was put to operation in May 2008. Last July, the mill improved the product quality and made it in the top list of domestic competitors. One odd years later, the mill has reached or even surpassed the designed marks in the respects of product mix, finished product rate, energy consumption and cost.

1000 tonnes of high rank oriented silicon steel it supplied was successfully made into large transformers for Three Gorges Project marking an end of the history of China complete relying on export in large-sized transformer production.

Just in two years and five months, the silicon steel production line reached the four targets of production, standards, capacity and efficiency making the mill the fastest runner among the world counterparts.

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