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Baosteel improves electrical steel coil packaging for Shanghai Hitachi
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Saturday, 06 Nov 2010

Since this month, Baosteel has begun its large coil free packaging supply of high grade non oriented silicon steel required by Shanghai Hitachi.

Large coil high grade non-oriented silicon steel free-packaging supply started from October onwards. According to negotiation, the large coil silicon delivered to Shanghai Hitachi weighed about 23 tons, with free packaging, and were sent directly to Shanghai Hitachi's cut processing plant.

For Shanghai Hitachi, this can directly reduce the cut and stamping process feeding time increase the efficiency of high speed machine tools and reduce the cost of procurement for Baosteel, this can make up for the lack of finishing ability in the factory, reduce the amount of waste timber. This action will greatly reduce the cost of the supply chain which is also the first time in the history of silicon steel supply in Baosteel.

Shanghai Hitachi is a professional manufacturer of air compressors, whose production and sales amount rank among the top three. In January 2001, Baosteel especially developed for Shanghai Hitachi the B50AY-2 non-oriented silicon steel products, terminating the history of dependence on importation. In recent years, Baosteel increases new product development efforts and promotes the upgrading of. Shanghai Hitachi compressor products. Currently, Baosteel silicon steel products cover over 50% in Shanghai Hitachi and acid plates cover 100%.

Shanghai Hitachi has become a strategic client of Baosteel, as well as one of the top ten clients for whom Baosteel account manager provides immediate services. In April this year, Baosteel and Shanghai Hitachi set up a joint laboratory. Through technology complementation with each other, they accelerate the pace of new product development and product performance improvement. They explore new initiatives in cost reduction and efficiency improvement, so as to improve market competitiveness.

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