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NDRC plans to boost overseas investments in five major fields
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Friday, 24 Apr 2009

Mr Liu Hongkuang Deputy Director-general from the relevant department of National Development and Reform Commission indicates the encouragement of overseas investment on the domestic enterprises in five major fields as below in the 3rd Chinese Enterprises Outbound Investment Conference held in Beijing on April 22nd.

1. To further enlarge the foreign cooperation and development in the fields of oil, natural gas and main mineral resources industries etc, and to carry out long term trading policies to broaden the overseas operation channels. Through expanding the beneficial energy resources cooperation with some countries concerned to share the opportunities for the common development and advantage complementary.

2. To support powerful enterprises to establish study and research center in Europe and US countries for enhancing the overall innovation ability and technical levels of China's enterprises.

3. To encourage the outbound investments in manufacturing industry. China is entitled to world's manufacturing centre now, and is ambitious to build international brand and promote the industrial mix adjustments by setting up common production base and marketing nets with the other countries and regions.

4. To support foreign investment cooperation on infrastructural constructions. NDRC encourage the enterprises to enter the constructions in national and local irrigation works, transportation, energy and communication industries etc, in a bid to improve the investment environment for the development of good relationship with the other countries and areas.

5. To boost some enterprises to engage in distribution, banking, fund management and shipping services, for sake to improve the quality and levels which also would create more sufficient job opportunities for the local.

(Source: China Securities Journal)

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