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Tianjin Pipe to sell CNY 500 million short term financing bills
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Friday, 15 May 2009

It is reported that Tianjin Pipe Corporation was noticed on May 13th that National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors had accepted their registration of fist tranche of short term financing bills. China Industrial Bank acts as the lead underwriter.
The total issuing amount is CNY 500 million with a maturity period of 365 days whereas the unit face value is CNY 100. Dagong Global Credit Rating Co evaluates that bound rating of the financing bills is A-1 and entity rating is AA.

The financing bills will be placed though bookkeeping on May 21st 2009 and issued in the bond market among banks in the PRC.

The following are the details for the issuance:

Issuer (full name)Tianjin Pipe (Group) Corporation
Registered amountCNY 500 million
Issued amountCNY 500 million
Par ValueCNY 100
Issuing RateTo be decided by results of bookkeeping
UnderwriterIndustrial Bank Co., Ltd
Underwriting ModeStandby underwriting Issuing Mode
Bookkeeping Issuing DateMay 21 2009
Value DateMay 22 2009
Payment DateMay 22 2009
Circulation DateMay 25 2009
Maturity DateMay 22 in 2010
Issuer RatingAA Interest accrue mode
Single interest Rating: A-1
Rating AgencyDagong Global Credit Rating Co., Ltd

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