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US Steel Fairfield Works tubular plant may get new EAF
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Monday, 26 Sep 2011

The Birmingham News reported that the tubular goods plant at US Steel's Fairfield Works may get a new furnace, an electric arc model to replace the traditional format now in place.

According to American Metal Market, US Steel said so at an investor presentation, which cited a report by KeyBanc Capital Markets Inc.

The publications, citing the KeyBanc report, that "On the tubular front, US Steel may replace the blast furnace at its Fairfield, steel mill with an electric furnace and could add a new blast furnace or electric furnace to its tubular operations in Lorain, Ohio, to better serve the oil country tubular goods market. Fairfield makes both flat rolled and seamless tubular products, while Lorain makes seamless tubulars."

Tubular steel products are used to drill for and explore for oil and natural gas. Electric furnaces use a current to melt scrap metal for formation into new steel. Traditional plant furnaces use iron ore, baked coal and limestone as raw materials.

US Steel said that it was not considering any extended shutdowns at the moment of current operations, despite some customers growing more nervous. The company said that demand was OK and not as bad as portrayed in the media.

According to the 2011 Alabama Manufacturers Register, the Fairfield Works just west of Birmingham employs about 1,900 people.

(Sourced from Birmingham News)

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