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China International Steel Congress
China International Steel Congress, organized by CISA and MC-CCPIT once every two years, is a high-level conference focusing on the profound, overall and strategic issues facing the steel industry. Since its birth in 2000, the congress has been successfully held for six times and has become one of the most important steel events in the world.

Today, with the global economic recovery fraught with increasing instability and uncertainty, which further exposed the deficiencies in the existing institutions and mechanisms, policies and approaches, and ways of development, the world economy is in a dangerous new phase.

Facing escalating challenges in reducing environmental footprint, securing raw material supply, wining the competition with substitutes and improving image of steel, the world steel industry is also at a very critical period of time.

It has been our consensus that we have to change, to innovate and transform, the way we make steel and do business, for the sustainable future of our industry and the whole humankind. This is a test on our vision and ability, and it cries out for urgent action.

The 7th China International Steel Congress will call on leaders of the world steel industry to review the innovation and transformation initiatives and achievements, and try to come up with a clear roadmap for future steel production technology and steel company business model.

The congress will consist of a Plenary Session and several Technical Seminars with the Plenary Session focusing on strategic issues and the Technical Seminars, held in conjunction with Metal + Metallurgy Expo 2012, presenting innovative technologies covering the whole steel production process.

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