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A unique art and cultural centre inaugurated at Vijaynager
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Tuesday, 11 Dec 2012

A unique center Kaladham to promote art and culture was formally inaugurated at Vijayanagar. Built on a 10 acre site within the neatly modeled JSW Township, the center was inaugurated by the Hon Mr Simon Crean MP minister for Regional.

Australia Regional Development and Local Government and minister for the Arts, in the presence of Guest of Honour, Mr BS Anand Singh Hon Minister of Tourism Government of Karnataka & District Minister in charge Bellary and JSW Foundation chairperson Mrs Sangita Jindal.

Mr Crean also inaugurated an interactive exhibition of 3D panoramas of Hampi, which has been permanently installed at Kaladham. The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr Crean as part of Oz Fest, the biggest Australian cultural festival ever staged in India.

Source - JSW


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