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Construction sector in Sri Lanka require 500 grade of rebar
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Monday, 10 Oct 2011

According to construction industry standards, the minimum strength of a rod should be 460 MPa but with the expansion in high rise buildings the minimum strength has been increased to 500 MPa according to global standards.

Construction industry experts said that the 460 MPa strength of a bar is not sufficient for multi storey constructions which require more strength for durability. Industry experts said that sub standard steel bars were proliferating the market, causing a colossal damage to the construction industry.

A Construction Chamber sources said that "The loss to the construction sector could be enormous due to the use of inferior material. Spot fines should be imposed on those who try to fleece consumers."

Many constructions have been a failure in the recent past due to the use of substandard building material. An underpass on the Southern Express Highway collapsed due to the use of inferior construction material according to media reports.

The construction industry was adversely affected by the intrusion of low quality cement imported to the country. The scarcity of cement was a major blow to the industry.

Certain steel rod manufacturers have sought political refuge to continue with their business despite repeated warnings and fines to stop substandard production.

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