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New documents required for scrap import into India
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Friday, 15 May 2009
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The Indian Customs has made in essential, mandatory & obligatory for importers to submit following documents for all ferrous & non ferrous hazardous waste shipments that are shipped to India on or after May 1st 2009

Indian customs may not allow clearance of the goods by the consignee without the following additional documents.

1. FORM 9
Trans boundary Movement Document as per format given below

Test report of analysis of the hazardous waste consignment from a laboratory accredited by the exporting country.

Please note that the shipping documents sent by you for shipments made on or after 01/05/2009 include the above documents without which

FORM 9 [See rules 15 (5) and 16 (5)]


Sr. NoDescriptionDetails to be furnished by the Exporter/ Importer
1.(i) Exporter (Name & Address)
Contact person
Tel. Fax
(ii) Waste Generator (name and address)(1)
Contact person with Tel./ Fax
Site of generation
2.Importer/recycler (name & address)
Contact person with Tel./Fax
3.Corresponding to applicant Ref. No
Movement subject to single/multiple
4.Serial number of shipment
5.(a) 1st Carrier (Name, address)
Registration number
Tel / fax
Identity of Means of Transport (3)
Date of Transfer
Signature of Carrier's representative
(b) 2nd Carrier (name, address)
Registration number
Identity of Means of Transport (3)
Date of Transfer
Signature of Carrier's representative
(c) Last Carrier (name, address) (4)
Registration number
Identity of Means of Transport (3)
Date of Transfer
Signature of Carrier's representative
6.Disposer (name, address)
Contact person
Actual site of disposal
7.Method(s) of recovery
R code
Technology employed* *(Attach details if necessary).
8.Designation and chemical composition of the waste
9.Physical characteristics (3)
10.Actual quantity Kg/litre
11.Waste identification code
Basel No.
UN No.
Customs Code (U. S.)
Other (specify)
12.OECD Classification (2
(a) amber / red / other [attach details]
(b) number
13.Packing Type (3)
14.UN Classification
UN shipping name
UN identification No.
UN Class (3)
H Number (3)
Y Number
15.Special handling requirements
16.Actual date of shipment
17.Exporter?s declaration:
I certify that the information in SlNo.1 of 16 above is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. I also certify that legally-enforceable written contractual obligations have been entered into, that any applicable insurance or other financial guarantees are in force covering the transboundary movement, and that all necessary authorisations have been received from the competent authorities of the States concerned.
Name : Signature

To be completed by importer / recycler
18. Shipment received by Importer / Recucler
Quantity received 20090.00. Kg / Liters
19.Shipment received at recycler:
Quantity received at recycler Kg/Litres
Quantity received and accepted Kg/Litres
Name :
20.Approximate date of recycling
21.Method of recycling
I certify that the Recycling of the waste described above will be completed as per HW (M, H and TM) Rules
Signature :

Note:- 91) Attach list, if more than one; (2) Enter X in appropriate box; (3) See codes on the reverse (x) Immediately contact Competent Authority; (4) if more than three carriers, attach information as required in Sl No.5.

List of abbreviations used in the Movement Document

R 2Solvent reclamation/regeneration
R 3Recycling/reclamation of organic substances which are not used as solvents
R 4Recycling/reclamation of metals and metal compounds
R 5Recycling/reclamation of other inorganic materials
R 6Regeneration of acids or bases
R 7Recovery of components from used for pollution abatement
R 8Recovery of components from catalysts
R 9Used oil re-refining or other reuses of previously used oil
R 10Land treatment resulting in benefit to agricultural or eco- logical improvement
R 11Uses of residual material obtained from any of the operations numbered R1 to R10
R 12Exchange of wastes for submission to any of the operations numbered R1 to R11
R 13Accumulation of material intended for any operations numbered R1 to R2

Means of transport (S.No.5)Packing types (S.No.13)H number (S.No.14) and UN Class (S.No.14)
R = Road 1. DrumsUN HDescription
T= Train / Rail2. Wooden Barrel 1H 1Explosive
S = Sea3. Jerrican3H 3Inflammable liquids
A = Air4. Box4.1H 4.1Inflammable solids
W = Inland5. Bag4.2H 4.2Constituents or wastes liable to spontaneous combustion
6. Composite packing1.3H 4.3Constituents or waste which, in contact with Water emit inflammable gases
7. Pressure receptacle5.15.1Oxidizing
8. Bulk5.2H 5.2Organic peroxides
9. Other (specify)6.1H 6.1Poisonous (acute)
6.2H 6.2Infectious wastes
8H 8Corrosives
9H 10Liberation of toxic gases in contact with air or water
9H 11Toxic (delayed or chronic)
9H 12Ecotoxic
9H 13Capable, by any means, after disposal of yielding another material e.g. leachate, which Possesses any of the characteristics listed above

Physical characteristics (Sl.No.09) 1. Powdery / powder
2. Solid
3. Viscous / paste
4. Sludge
5. Liquid
6. Gaseous
7. Other (specify)
Y Number (S.No.13) refer to categories of waste listed in Annexure I and II of the Basel Convention as well as more detailed information can be found in an instruction manual available from the Secretariat of the Basel Convention

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