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SAIL BSP pavilion wins first prize at Rajyotsav in Naya Raipur
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Saturday, 10 Nov 2012

Bhilai Steel Plant’s pavilion at Rajyotsav celebrations in Chhattisgarh’s new capital Naya Raipur has been adjudged the best on November 7th 2012.

The theme based pavilion titled SAIL BSP Fast Forwarding India to the future with new age steel has been awarded the first prize. This is the 3rd consecutive year that BSP’s pavilion display has been awarded the first prize.

Structured and designed to resemble the CERN like underground detector for the India based Neutrino Observatory coming up in the State of Tamil Nadu, BSP’s pavilion has been attracting the attention of the common visitors to Rajyotsav as well as delegates and dignitaries who came to participate in the Global Investors Meet organized as part of the Rajyotsav celebrations from November 1st to 7th.

The pavilion shaped to resemble the underground tunnel of INO Project prominently displays the Large Ion Collidor Experiment of Centre for European Nuclear Research for which SAIL’s Alloy Steels Plant had developed & supplied special stainless steel of very low magnetic permeability way back in 2004.

The INO Project that has evinced worldwide interest is being touted as the next frontier in particle physics beyond the standard model that led to the search for the elusive God particle or Higgs Boson. As such BSP’s theme display aroused the curiosity of many visitors. The theme was well explained by officers of the Public Relations Department of the plant.

Bhilai Steel Plant has developed and rolled low carbon soft iron plates rolled for fabricating the neutrino detector of INO Project that involves construction of an underground laboratory, to be located in a 4,300 feet deep cavern under Ino Peak in Bodi West Hills region of Theni district in Tamil Nadu.

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