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Trade union leader slams RSP double standards
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Wednesday, 21 Nov 2012

Daily Pioneer cited Mr MDN Panikar general secretary of Rourkela Shramik Sangh as saying that the Rourkela Steel Plant’s management has been maintaining double standards in giving jobs under its rehabilitation scheme to the kin of the families whose members died or were rendered permanently disabled due to accidents in the plant.

In a Press briefing, Mr Panikar said that the RSP had been following a clear cut and transparent rehabilitation scheme for some years since the inception of the plant, but over past few years, the scheme has gone awry. This reflects the anti-worker attitude of the management.

Mr Panikar said that now, the management is initially giving provisional appointment to the family members of the victims with stipendiary payments for 2 years. However, charged that in case of the executives, their heirs are getting jobs instantly.

He said that examples of deaths of MR PK Bahala on November 14th last in Cock Oven, Mr Dilip Kerketta of CPP-I in 2010, Mr Kishore Kissan of Centering Plant on February 30th last and Mr Unis Ekka of the Ispat general Hospital and alleged that in none of the case, the plant has given proper rehabilitation and job.

But on the death of an executive Mr Sailaja Swain in an accident in the plant, his family was immediately given INR 0.20 million as insurance benefit. Even, his family members are allowed to stay in the official quarter.

Source - Daily Pioneer


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