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French president betrayed them - Florange Union
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Monday, 03 Dec 2012

Reuters reported that trade unions accused French President Mr Francois Hollande of betrayal after his government backed away from a threat to nationalize ArcelorMittal's Florange steelworks.

Workers are angry the furnaces will now remain idled and expressed doubt over ArcelorMittal's promise to offer alternative posts or early retirement packages for the 630 workers affected.

Mr Edouard Martin head of union CFDT's Florange chapter said that "We're on a war footing. We've seen (Lakshmi) Mittal's pledges in the past and what has become of them nothing so we're not going to let anything pass without a fight."

Mr Martin said the union had been a "nightmare" for former president Nicolas Sarkozy in the past over his jobs record, which analysts say was a factor in his election defeat in May, and could soon become one for Hollande.

Source – Reuters


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