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ILVA risks shutdown on Dec 14 due to raw material shortage
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Saturday, 17 Nov 2012

ANSA quoted Mr Bruno Ferrante chairman of ILVA as saying that ILVA, the embattled steelworks in southern Italy currently under court custody and facing obligatory environmental upgrades, could be forced to close down on December 14th 2012 due to a shortage in raw materials.

Mr Ferrante said in the letter that the court's request that raw material not be stocked for longer than 15 days could force the plant to close down in December 2012, putting safety at risk as well as causing irreparable damages.

A copy of the letter was obtained by ANSA. The steelworks are at the centre of a heated industrial dispute after a preliminary investigation's judge ordered the partial closure of the plant due to long running environmental and health concerns in July 2012.

ILVA, Italy's biggest steelmaker and the government have been trying to keep the plant in operation while the necessary upgrades are made.

Source - ANSA


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