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Italian Greens announces class action against Ilva Taranto
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Tuesday, 07 Dec 2010

Italian Greens has announced a class action against Ilva of Taranto, while it is an investigation of the judiciary to determine whether the steel complex spread Puglia emissions harmful to health.

Mr Angelo Bonelli president of the Green Party held a press conference to announce the launch of the largest class action Italian in order to obtain a collective compensation for pollution and deaths in Taranto, coordinated by a lawyer, Ms Valentina Stefutti, already a civil legal process Eternit of Turin.

In reality, though using the term on the class action for damages, the Greens are aimed at a civil action, in the eventual trial of the leaders of the Group to which the Riva Ilva, the largest possible number of citizens who consider themselves victims pollution from steel plant, to obtain a compensation estimated at about EUR 3 billion. The new formulation of the class action would be presumed to be too cumbersome and expensive for citizens.

Mr Bonelli said that "By filling out this form, I express my intention to become a civil party in the eventual criminal trial that will be paid by the defendants, in order to pursue a civil claim in that forum for all damages suffered by me on account of the conduct alleged by the public prosecutor at the Court of Taranto. The total claim for damages at this stage, was estimated at EUR 3 billion."

Currently, sources said that prosecutors Taranto Ilva vertices are under investigation for manslaughter and arson environmental disaster, the offense for the first time in Italy, according to prosecutors Taranto, poisoning of food substances, failure of precautions against arson accidents, damage aggravated public goods, jet and spills of hazardous air pollution.

The people alleged to be involved include Mr Emilio Riva chairman of the Riva Group until May 19th 2010, who then passed the baton to his son Mr Nicola Riva, Mr Louis Grosso, director of establishment; Mr Ivan Di Maggio CEO of the ward Coke and Mr Angelo Cavallo, head of the department Agglomeration area.

Injured parties in the investigation are the Ministry of Environment, the Municipality and the Province of Taranto, Puglia Taranto and nine farmers who were forced to cull their cattle, found contaminated with dioxin.

The investigations, in fact, were launched two years ago after the discovery of dangerous tracks in cheeses made with milk from the nine farms.

A statement issued on June 30th 2009 by the Riva Group expressed confidence that the new round of investigations will demonstrate the estrangement from the facts that are disputed. It added that "In recent years we have always respected both within the legal limits of emissions in the atmosphere was safe for the workplace."

According to environmental groups, in Taranto there are approximately 40,000 cases of cancer. The area has been listed by Taranto time the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Environment in the list of those at high risk environment.

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