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Japanese No 2 HMS prices average JPY 21184 in main trading areas
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Friday, 09 Nov 2012

According to a weekly price survey by the Japan Ferrous Raw Materials Association, Japan's domestic market prices of locally available ferrous scrap averaged JPY 21,184 per tonne delivered at steelworks for No 2 HMS in the main trading areas of Kanto, Chubu and Kansai in the fifth week of October 2012, down by JPY 337 from a week ago.

In the fifth week of October 2012, the surveyed prices of No 2 HMS ex steelworks in cash transactions were JPY 22,083 per tonne in Kanto, down by JPY 334 from a week ago; JPY 19,220 per tonne in Chubu, down by JPY 300 and JPY 22,250 per tonne in Kansai, down by JPY 375.

Source - TEX Report Limited


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