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KSP Steel to raises employees wages by 10pct
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Thursday, 06 Mar 2014

Mr Edward Kramer correspondent General Director of KSP Steel said that supporting state social policy, we decided to raise all employees' wages by 10%.

Mr E Kreymer said that “In line with the social program, the company will build a 72 apartment house in Pavlodar. The city granted an allotment and as soon technical documents are approved, we will begin construction of a residential building.”

The Pavlodar branch of LLP will stick to the social program despite the reduction in production volumes. Today metallurgical production does not have enough raw materials, that is why the capacity is used by 25% to 30% but according to Mr Edward Kramer, there will not be job cuts.

Today 5,300 people work for the Pavlodar branch KSP Steel. It also must be said that investment projects on ferrocaluminium silicon smelting and creation of ball rolling production are realized here.

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