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PKM Steel wants to add 100 jobs - Report
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Saturday, 24 Nov 2012

Mr Mark Hamade started working at PKM Steel Service three years ago, armed with a five year plan to grow the company. Turns out his math was off, but in PKM's favor.

Mr Hamade, who has been PKM's CFO since 2010, said that "We did it in three years."

The immediate challenge is finding another 100 workers, essentially doubling employment, to meet demand for the company that designs and fabricates big construction projects out of steel.

Mr Hamade said that "We are going to a second shift, and if we need a third shift, we will go for it. We will run the plant 24 hours if we've got the people, and if we still have good, profitable work, we'll build another plant."

With the help of Team Employment Services and KansasWorks through the Kansas Department of Commerce, PKM plans a job fair from 9 AM to 6 PM on November 27th 2012 at the company 231 E. Avenue A in Salina's South Industrial Area.

A lead man, painters, welders, operators of computer numerical control machines, and layout and fit up welders are needed.

Ms Lisa Starr, corporate manager with Team Employment Services, a full service employment company based in Hutchinson, with offices in Salina, said that McPherson and Newton The goal is to fast track prospects.

She said that PKM needed workers last week, meaning jobs are available immediately. She added that "We're going to weld test right on site. Foremen and supervisors will help."

Ms Starr said that background checks will take some time, requiring a day or two before new employees can begin work. She added that "We are willing to train and work with people who have a can do attitude."

Ms Starr is hopeful that 100 workers are immediately available in the Salina market. She said that "PKM's benefit package is very enticing. Anyone looking for a career change has an opportunity with this company."

Mr Hamade and Ms Starr both scoff at the reasons some give for companies not growing.

Mr Hamade said that "Too many people are concentrating on the economy. It is what it is. It's all about making the customer want to work with you."

Ms Starr said that campaigns are over and the reality is that companies are hiring. She added that "It frustrates me when I hear on the news that political parties are stating there are no jobs. We have jobs. We need people who are willing to work."

Source - Salina Journal


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