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Sidor losses may account for USD 580 million by 2012 end
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Monday, 12 Nov 2012

El Universal reported that steel and iron company Siderúrgica del Orinoco or Sidor has reported losses accounting for USD 580 million and liquid steel output by the end of the year at 1.8 million. In other words, production will be below the company's capacity, 4.3 million tonnes.

During a board of director meeting held in Caracas, the board reaffirmed to the authorities the need to inform all small partners and the country itself about the running of the steel maker.

Mr Pedro Acuña Grahan principal director of Sidor said that "Since 2008, when the Government took control of Sidor, the CVG (state run company Corporación Venezolana de Guayana) has unilaterally managed the company without giving explanations about their management in areas such as accounting, finance, trade, environment, and labor. It has ignored our legitimate right to be informed and participate in decision making."

Mr Acuña remarked that before making any use of the resources an auditing must be conducted to inquire into the current situation of the company. It is also important to determine those responsible for its reported damages.

He added that "When the Government took control of the company, its assets accounted for USD 3,400 million roughly. Today, Sidor's debt is over USD 900 million and its assets have plunged to the extent that the company's output capacity has shrunk by 50%. Its technological infrastructure has been destroyed."

Source - El Universal


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