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Skoda Auto car sales up by 1.2pct YoY in October 2012
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Friday, 16 Nov 2012

CTK reported that Czech car maker Skoda Auto raised car sales by 7.2% to 795,100 vehicles in January to October 2012 period, and in October 2012, alone its supplies to customers grew by 1.2% to almost 78,000 cars. In contrast, sales in Western and Central Europe and in India decreased.

Skoda Auto, which is the largest car producer in the Czech Republic, registered in October 2012 a YoY drop in sales on markets in Western Europe. It sold 27,600 cars there compared with 29,200 in the same year ago period.

But in the first ten months of 2012, the share of the Skoda make on Western European markets grew from 2.8% to over 3%. Supplies to Western Europe in the same period have dropped by 2% YoY to 303,700 cars.

In Western Europe, Skoda Auto registered the biggest growth in October in Great Britain where its supplies rose by around 69% to over 4,600 vehicles.

Supplies to Central Europe fell to 9,800 cars in October 2012 from 10,800 cars in October 2011. In January to October 2012 period, Skoda Auto raised supplies in the region by 1.8% to more than 103,800 vehicles. Its market share increased to around 18.8% there.

Unfavourable situation on the European car market has started to affect the results of Skoda Auto, too. The company has registered a drop in sales in Western and Central Europe for the second straight month already.

In Eastern Europe, Skoda Auto increased supplies by 11.5% to 11,600 vehicles in October 2012. In January to October 2012 period, the company's share on the markets in Eastern Europe amounted to over 4%. Supplies on Eastern European markets rose by 29.2% to more than 111,100 cars.

Supplies to customers in Russia grew by 17% to 8,300 vehicles in October 2012. In the first ten months of 2012, Skoda raised supplies to Russian by 40% to around 80,100 cars.

Skoda Auto's supplies to China grew by 9.5% YoY to 22,900 vehicles in October 2012, which is a new monthly record. In the first ten months of 2012, Skoda Auto supplied 204,800 cars to Chinese customers, a growth of 7.3% as compared with the same period a year ago.

The number of cars supplied by Skoda Auto to customers in India dropped by 300 on the year to over 2,000 in October 2012. In January to October 2012 period, supplies on the Indian market rose by 28.3% to more than 30,100 vehicles.

The car maker registered a marked drop in demand for the Fabia model among customers. Fabia sales fell by 18.4% YoY to 18,800 vehicles in October 2012. A month earlier, Fabia sales decreased by 22%. Sales of Octavia, which is Skoda Auto's top selling model, dropped by 2.3% to 33,900 vehicles in October 2012.

Skoda Auto plans to produce 1.5 million cars a year by 2018. In 2011, the company made a record 875,000 cars.

Source - Czech News Agency


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