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Turkish steel export down by 7.3pct in December 2013
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Friday, 10 Jan 2014

According to the data released by Turkish Steel Exporters' Association, in 2013, Turkey's steel exports totalled 18.4 million metric tonne, down 7.3% YoY, while the value of these exports decreased by 10.6% YoY to USD 13.9 billion.

However, in December last year Turkey's steel exports declined by 3.9% to 1.5 million metric tonne and the value of these exports decreased by 3.5% to USD 1.2 billion, both YoY.

In 2013, Turkey's main exported steel products were bars with a total of 8.5 million metric tonne, pipes with 1.8 million metric tonne, sections with 1.6 million metric tonne, billet with 1.5 million metric tonne and hot rolled flat steel products with 1.4 million metric tonne.

Mr Namık Ekinci, Turkish Steel Exporters' Association chairman, said that "With the total steel exports in 2013, we have maintained seventh place in steel export rankings and kept our leading position in rebar exports among other exporter countries.”

Mr Ekinci said that “However, 2013 was a tough year for the Turkish steel sector. Turbulence in the global financial markets, the long-standing economic crisis in EU countries, the Arab Spring in our export countries, the EU and US embargo on Iran, and unjust antidumping cases and protection measure investigations against Turkey all had negative effects on our steel sector. Despite this, we achieved our export goals by the end of the year.”

He said that “Our biggest wish for 2014 is to overcome these negative effects on our sector and to see stability and confidence in the global political situation and economy, including Turkey. Otherwise, our 2014 export volume will not be higher than the 2013 target. For now, Turkey's targeted steel export volume for 2014 is 18.5 million metric tonne."

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