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US steel recycling rate hits all time high of 92pct
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Sunday, 18 Nov 2012

The US recycling rate for steel is at an all time high of 92%, with more than 85 million tonnes of scrap steel consumed by steel making furnaces in 2011, an increase of nearly 10 million tonnes compared to 2010.

According to numbers from the Steel Recycling Institute, the recycling rate for steel packaging also reached an all time high of 70.8%, with more than 1.5 million tonnes of steel recycled.

Mr Gregory L Crawford executive director of the SRI said in a statement that "This high level of scrap consumption is a reflection of the North American steel industry's commitment to conserving energy and natural resources. The use of steel in everyday products, including packaging, appliances, automotive and construction ensures quality while also supporting product stewardship, knowing that these products are routinely recycled at the end of their use, thanks to steel."

According to the SRI, the automobile recycling rate came in at 94.5%. Appliance recycling rates remained stable at 90% with more than 2.9 million tonnes of steel recycled. Construction rates also held steady with a 98% recycling rate for construction plates and beams, along with a 70% rate for construction rebar.

The SRI claims that steel is recycled more than paper, aluminum, plastic and glass combined, and is North America's most recycled material.

Source - Waste Recycling News


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