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Alexander Mining granted patent for leaching copper containing ore
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Friday, 13 Jan 2012

Alexander Mining report that it has received notification from the Commissioner of Patents in Australia that its MetaLeach Limited subsidiary has been granted a Standard Patent for a Method for Leaching of a Copper-containing Ore, patent number 2011200703 (this is derived from the Australian national phase entry from the corresponding PCT/AU2008/001027 application). The patent has a standard term of twenty years from the effective date of July 11th 2008 (being date of filing).

The patent covers the leaching of copper from a copper-containing ore using the method steps of curing the ore using a curing agent to produce a cured ore which is leached at atmospheric pressure through the application of an ammonium carbonate solution containing free ammonia. The pregnant leach solution thus produced is passed onto a means for metals recovery.

Mr Martin Rosser CEO said that "The grant of a patent in Australia for a Method for Leaching of a Copper-containing Ore is a significant milestone in the protection of the Company's AmmLeach® intellectual property. It is particularly noteworthy given Australia's robust patenting regime and status as having one of the world's biggest mining industries, and with significant potential for our AmmLeach® technology. The new patent is core to our portfolio of patents and patent applications designed to protect the Company's development of unique intellectual property and inventions."

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