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KWSB cuts water supply to 23 defaulting industries
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Friday, 14 Dec 2012
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The Nation reported that Karachi Water and Sewerage Board has disconnected water supply to 23 defaulting industries in the Landhi Industrial Area. The department also informed to the Landhi Association of Trade and Industry about the decision.

On the directions of Mr Misbahuddin Farid MD of KWSB, Revenue and Engineering Department started a joint recovery campaign that has been quite effective so far.

Mr Farid said that KWSB fulfilled all the legal formalities before disconnecting the supply to these industries and issued final notices to them. In the Phase I water connection to 23 defaulters had been disconnected over total dues of PKR 130 million and hoped that LATI would play its role to resolve the matter.

He said that the KWSB was ensuring swift provision of water to Landhi Industrial zone that spreads till National Highway besides water board was also responsible for disposal of sewerage from this area. However, the recovery condition from the zone was very poor and despite repeated appeals for cooperation to the industries and the LATI the condition was still the same.

Mr Farid said that industries in the Landhi Zone were vital for the economic growth of the country but KWSB was also serving the economic hub of the country by providing facilities to the industry and people and this service will be halted if the outstanding dues of KWSB were not paid.

Gulshan Abdullah, Ali Safdar Rizvi, Abdul Qadir Saangri, Suti Enterprises, Insaaf Foundation, Orient Industries, Metropoliton Steel Corporation, Abdul Sami, Kashi Private Limited is some of the prominent defaulters of the zone. The KWSB has requested the defaulters to pay their outstanding dues at the earliest in order to maintain a healthy consumer-provider relationship enabling KWSB to serve them better.

Meanwhile, Mr Abdul Haq Bhurt Anti Corruption Minister of Sindh has said that the government wants to end corruption from society and in this regard various steps have already been taken. Good and bad people were present in every institution but the government was committed to end corruption. He said the present democratic government had taken many steps against corruption and its level had considerably decreased. The opposition parties raise the issue of corruption only when the Pakistan Peoples Party is in power.

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