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Mr Salehi rejects Amano anti Iran claims
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Friday, 16 Nov 2012

IRNA reported that Mr Ali Akbar Salehi foreign minister of Iran rejected claims of the IAEA Chief Mr Yukiya Amano that activities are going on in Parchin site to clean nuclear pollution effects.

Mr Salehi said the effects of the nuclear pollution cannot be cleaned. The comments are technically rejected. "The claims are raised only to divert public opinion. We hope through Iran's positive steps, the issue can be solved. Iran's IAEA envoy, Soltanieh is to meet with experts to draw up frameworks of cooperation in connection with their Parchin visit and solve the problem.

He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran opposes any proposal which runs counter to international conventions and which seems to be an intervention in countries' internal affaires. Neither we nor the world public opinion will support such proposals. Such methods which are based on force should not become a common practice because in the past we had witnessed the negative consequences of such methods.

Meanwhile, Mr Salehi said that he would soon visit Myanmar for talks with the Myanmar government. Iran's embassy is going to be inaugurated in Myanmar soon.

Mr Salehi said that as for Bahrain, Iran is ready to mediate to solve crisis in the country. Iranian officials have announced readiness to solve Bahrain crisis upon demands of the Bahraini officials. Tehran supports peaceful settlement of Bahrain crisis. The Islamic Republic of Iran has always respected sovereignty and independence of Bahrain.

He said that he would visit Djibouti to attend the annual meeting of foreign ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Elsewhere in his remarks, the Foreign Minister said Iran and the US had earlier held direct talks on certain issues.

Source - IRNA


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