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PSRMA calls for early restoration of power and gas to steel mills
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Wednesday, 21 Nov 2012

The News reported that Mr Mian Murad Ashraf vice chairman of Pakistan Steel Re Rolling Mills Association called for immediate restoration of electricity and gas supplies to steel mills.

Mr Murad Ashraf said that “The suspension of gas and electricity supply to the industry has deprived workers of their jobs, besides causing huge financial losses to millers and the government as well. The abrupt suspension in electricity supply has shocked the steel millers as they have already been without gas. They have failed to understand the logic behind such decisions.”

He said that most of the days the gas supply remains suspended and once it is restored, its low pressure does not permit the mills to start production. The government should implement an innovative methodology to overcome the low pressure phenomenon.

Mr Ashraf said that despite the closure of the industry due to electricity outages, it has managed to retain its workforce. How will the industrialists continue to pay their workers when the industries remain closed? He questioned the government as to why industries are being targeted when trade and industry is the backbone of the economy.

Mr Ashraf urged the government to fulfill its promise regarding equitable electricity supply to all parts of the country as discrimination particularly in view of the industry in Lahore causes damage beyond repair to the steel industry.

He said that at a time when furnace and re-rolling mills have laid off workers and are operating with skeleton staff due to non supply of gas, the sudden suspension of electricity has sent a shockwave to workers and owners. It would have been wiser on the part of the government if it had devised a foolproof strategy to stop power and gas pilferages which is one of the major causes of shortages.

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