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Pakistan Workers Federation propose minimum wage of PKR 10000
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Tuesday, 06 Apr 2010

The News reported that the Pakistan Workers Federation has sent its proposals regarding raise of the minimum wage of a worker to at least PKR 10,000 and increasing employment opportunities to the Prime Minister and Federal Finance Adviser for incorporation in the Budget 2010 to 2011.

Mr Khurshid Ahmed general secretary of PWF has sent 20 point agenda to the Federal Finance Department, urging the government to adopt a National Self Reliance Policy and raise the development of national industries, agriculture and generation of electricity through coal fired thermal power and hydel power to provide the masses with cheap utility.

The proposals also suggested the establishment of a national tripartite safety and health and productivity culture and a raise of the minimum wage of a worker, considering the state of skyrocketing inflation in the country. He also suggested allowances such as house rent and utility subsidy for the workers employed in government institutions like postal service, Railways, WAPDA and others. A similar proportionate raise in the pension plans of these workers has also been suggested for the retired workers and their families.

Another proposal mentioned that the number of workforce had exceeded 1.5 million and it was increasing every year therefore there was an urgent need to create opportunities to employ workers so that social harmony should prevail. It has also been proposed that special focus plans in the rural areas are needed to discourage the rural-to-urban migration which has already created overcrowding and menace of labour bargain in the urban areas. The proposals also included suggestions pertaining to the skill development of women workers in particular and both genders in general so that better service and a development of internationally marketable human resource could be achieved. It was further demanded that the government should recover billions of rupees granted to the privileged class as loans and make them available to the downtrodden.

(Sourced from The News)

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