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Turkey building construction cost index up by15pct in Q3
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Tuesday, 25 Oct 2011

According to the statistics released by the Turkish Statistical Institute, in the Q3 of 2011 Turkey's building construction cost index increased by 3.53% QoQ and was up 14.53% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

Meanwhile, in the Q3 of 2010, the labor index component of the construction cost index in Turkey increased by 0.67% while another component of the construction cost index, the material index increased by 4.38% both compared to the Q2 of 2011. The YoY increase rates of these indices were 6.19% and 17.16% respectively.

The input portion of general construction materials in the building construction cost index was 64.5% the share of installation materials was 14.2% while the share of labor costs was 21.3%.

(Sourced from Steel Orbis)
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