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Vale empowers national talent through leadership training
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Tuesday, 27 Nov 2012

Oman Observers reported that a team of Vale employees recently left the Sultanate to embark on a two and a half month leadership training program in Brazil which will enhance their professional and managerial skills by gaining first hand experience at two of the world’s largest pelletizing complexes and ports in the world.

A global diversified mining company operating in 37 countries around the world, Vale’s strategy has always centered on fostering national talent wherever it operates, empowering them with the means to develop their capacities and expand their knowledge to new horizons.

During the 10 week course, nine male and female employees will shadow managers on site of Vale’s operations in Vitoria and Rio de Janeiro to cultivate knowledge in their respective departments of health, safety and environmental, distribution, maintenance, pelletising and laboratory. The course will expose the employees to complex and diverse operational environments in plants that are much bigger than Vale’s Industrial Complex in Liwa and provide them with valuable insights and experience to lead the Sultanate’s integrated steel base now and in the future.

Mr Marcos Beluco Vale’s Country Manager in Oman said that “The training and recruitment programs at Vale are second to none and to date we have invested approximately USD 12 million to develop the skill sets of more than 200 Omanis. This newly introduced occupational training series is already showing great potential which is powered by the steadfast commitment of all nine employees to excel in their careers and bring the myriad benefits of their experience back to their home country.”

Mr Beluco said that “Our employees are the driving force of our Industrial Complex in Liwa and we are confident that through robust mentoring channels we will produce a new league of Vale leaders in Oman.”

Mahdi al Mahrooqi who works in the Pelletising Department and currently training in Vitoria said that “The program has been incredibly rewarding on both a professional and personal level so far. The training course is specifically designed to include our assigned duties in Oman on a much larger scale which will prepare us for greater roles in the future. I hope to conclude this 1353841424051898200 training feeling empowered to uphold higher standards of performance and efficiency to make a bigger impact on Vale’s operations in Oman.”

Since establishing its foothold in the Sultanate in 2007, Vale has successfully generated over 1,200 direct jobs while offering diverse training opportunities for Omanis from various educational backgrounds and specializations at its Pelletizing Plant and Distribution Centre. The company has also been a strong advocate for human development and talent generation across all aspects of its business utilizing its global resources and expertise to implement targeted community programs. To that end, Vale partnered with Outward Bound Oman in June of this year to build the soft skills of 216 youth from Al Batinah through a tailor made course of self discovery.

Source - Oman Observer


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