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Divers search for miners at Karl Marx mine
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Tuesday, 17 Jun 2008

Ukrainian Journal reported that divers in Ukraine are still searching for 12 workers missing after last weekend's gas explosion at the Karl Marx coal mine in Donetsk. According to the latest reports, the mine is flooded with more than 30 meter of water. It's thought some men may be in the elevator shaft which was damaged in the blast. So far, one miner has been found dead.

The investigation commission said it intends to charge the mine’s management with negligence. 24 of the 37 miners who were down the pit were rescued soon after the blast. But gloom has descended on the relatives of those who remain 1,000 meter below ground. The head of the investigation committee believes they were at the epicenter of the explosion and wouldn't have survived.

The Karl Marx mine failed to pass a safety inspection just days before the accident, but investigators say the extraction work continued regardless. They claim the miners struck upon a rich seam of methane which leaked and ignited near the surface, causing the blast.

Mr Nikolay Maleev chief investigator said that "All the witnesses tell me that only repair work was going on in the mine at the time. Yet we have incontrovertible evidence this is not the case. We have logs and recordings of conversations between the miners and the operators to prove it."

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