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ESM reveals that Jindal goods in country USD 2.5 million
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Wednesday, 24 Oct 2012

The Steel Company of Mutún revealed that the value of real and personal property that Jindal Steel Bolivia in Puerto Suarez had totaled USD 5 million. However, half of this amount corresponds to the Indian firm properties and the rest is rented.
Mr Ricardo Cardona president of the ESM, he did know the after completing the order issued by the prosecutor of the Public Corruption Division, Aldo Ortiz, who ordered the September 27th delivery of the goods and property of the Indian firm to the ESM as custody.

Mr Cardona in response to a questionnaire sent via internet by reason said that "We assume that USD 5 million, half of Jindal is proper and the other part of the teams that hired them."

The transfer of assets or property to the ESM was performed as part of the investigation initiated by the Attorney General, in May this year, against the JSB executives for the alleged crime of breach of contract for investment USD 600 million in the Mutún steel project.

Mr Jorge Valda lawyer of said that determining supposedly taken by the prosecution was illegal. This end of the entrance to the property Jindal was illegal.

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