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More jobs at Randolph County as new coal mine opens
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Friday, 05 Aug 2011

Mr Michael Zervos president & CEO of United Coal Company said that "Certainly I think it's a great day for the community, and I hope you're proud of what we do."

The third generation coal miner said metallurgical coal is in high demand, and his company is expanding to meet that demand.

He said that "We have a lot of it right here in West Virginia. In this part of the country and this part of West Virginia, there is some of the best quality in the world."

Mr Earl Ray Tomblin acting governor of West Virginia said that "Coal has been the backbone of our economy for the last 100 years. Obviously there are good paying jobs that are associated with it, not only with the direct coal mining jobs, but with the ansulary businesses."

Roaring Creek Coal Company will bring 250 new jobs to the area and United Coal said it must hire these people locally. Plus, it said for every new employee, three to four indirect jobs are created, like in local gas stations and restaurants. That means 1,000 total new jobs for the area.

Mr Tomblin said that "Whether it's West Virginia coal or produced abroad or in other states, the demand will still be there. So I would prefer to have those jobs located in West Virginia and have our people working."

Mr Zervos said that "It's a stamp of approval for new projects to help the state and the state's economy. I think he views this as one of the things we need to do as a state and even nationally to get our economy revved up."

(Sourced from West Virginia Media)

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