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Spot iron ore prices remains on onward course
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Friday, 05 Aug 2011

4th Day into week 31 the spot iron ore prices kept up the heat with another USD 1 per tonne increase.

It is reported that Indian Fines Fe 63.5/63 heard trading at USD 187.5 keeping the sentiments bullish. The offers at USD 188 per tonne to USD 190 per tonne are facing feeble resistance till the market acquiesces.

Spot prices for exports
Indian iron ore
FOB India

Fe 63.5/63%0.6%
Fe 63.5/62.5%0.6%
Fe 63/62 %1.2%
Fe 62 / 61%1.3%
Fe 61 / 60 %0.7%
Fe 60/59 %0.7%
Fe 59 / 58 %0.7%
Fe 58 / 57%1.6%
Fe 57/56 %1.7%
Fe 56/55%1.8%
Fe 55/54 %2.0%
Fe 54/ 53 % 3.3%
Fe 53/52 %3.7%
Fe 52/51 %4.2%

Change is on August 4th compared to August 3rd 2011

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