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UAE Steel Industry Analysis

The UAE is one of the most promising steel markets in the GCC region with its production reaching to 1.7 Million Tons in the year 2006. Construction boom, cheap and reliable gas and energy supply, besides its geographical positioning are the major driving forces for the steel industry in the UAE. According to “UAE Steel Industry Analysis”, the latest market research report by RNCOS, it is expected that the industry will grow over 200% by 2012 from the current level.
 UAE Steel Industry Analysis
“UAE Steel Industry Analysis” focuses on the growing marketplace for steel sector in the UAE and thoroughly studies market trends, evolving markets, and growth prospects. It assesses the present status of the steel industry in the UAE and GCC region, and identifies investment opportunities. It also forecasts the future of the industry, which is based on a correlation between past market growth and growth of base drivers, such as economic performance of the country, long-term metal demand, competitive structure, and government rules and regulations.
Key Highlights of the Report
- Total steel production in the GCC region reached 15.65 Million Tons in 2006 while that in the UAE touched 1.7 Million Tons during the same year and is expected to grow 235% by 2012.
- Steel consumption of the UAE is highly influenced by the recent boom in construction and infrastructure development. The value of construction contracts awarded by the end of 2007 is estimated at US$ 32.8 Billion as compared to US$ 16.1 Billion at the end of 2005.
- There is huge capacity expansion in pipelines in the UAE steel industry, which will result in economies of scale for steel producers in the country.
- Economic growth and energy resources (oil and gas) are also helping the UAE steel industry to grow rapidly.
Key Issues & Facts Analyzed in the Report
- What are the major attractions and opportunities for the UAE steel industry?
- What is the current statistics of the GCC steel industry?
- What is the role of the UAE in the steel industry of GCC?
- What are the challenges threatening the UAE steel industry? 
Key Players Analyzed in the Report
This section covers the key facts on major players currently operating in the UAE steel industry, such as Emirates Steel Industries, Al Nasser Industrial Enterprises, Alam Steel Industry LLC, and Qatar Steel.
Research Methodology Used
Information Sources
Information in this report has been sourced from books, newspapers, trade journals, white papers, industry portals, government agencies, trade associations, monitoring industry news and developments, and through access to more than 3000 paid databases.
Analysis Method
Analysis methods used in the report include ratio analysis, historical trend analysis, judgmental forecasting, and cause and effect analysis.

Table of Content
1. Analyst View

2. GCC Steel Industry - Statistics
     2.1 Supply
     2.2 Demand
     2.3 Import
     2.4 Top Players

3. Growth Drivers
     3.1 Infrastructure
     3.2 Energy
     3.3 Economic Indicators

4. UAE Steel Industry
     4.1 Production
     4.2 Consumption
     4.3 Import/Export
     4.4 Top Players

5. Opportunities
     5.1 Growing Import Market
     5.2 Tubular Products
     5.3 Rebar Steel
     5.4 Industry Consolidation

6. Roadblocks
     6.1 Input Cost
     6.2 Under-utilization
     6.3 Cyclical Nature & Rising Prices
     6.4 Environmental Concerns

7. Key Players
     7.1 Emirates Steel Industries
     7.2 Al Nasser Industrial Enterprises
     7.3 Alam Steel Industries LLC
     7.4 Qatar Steel

List of Figures & Tables

List of Figures:

Figure 2-1: GCC - Steel Production by Country (in Million Tons), 2006
Figure 2-2: GCC - Forecast for Steel Production by Country* (in Million Tons), 2012
Figure 2-3: GCC - Steel Demand (in Million Metric Tons), 2006, 2007 & 2010F
Figure 2-4: GCC - Rebar Steel Consumption by Country (in Million Tons), 2006
Figure 2-5: GCC - Rebar Steel Supply Source by Country (in Million Tons), 2006
Figure 2-6: GCC - Forecast for Rebar Steel Consumption by Country (in Million Tons), 2009
Figure 2-7: GCC - Steel Imports by Country (in Million Tons), 2003-2005
Figure 2-8: GCC - Number of Major Steel Companies by Country, 2006
Figure 3-1: UAE - Forecast for Construction Industry (in Billion US$), 2006*-2010
Figure 3-2: UAE - Electricity Generation (in Terawatt Hours), 2001-2006
Figure 3-3: UAE - GDP (in Billion US$), 2007E & 2008E
Figure 4-1: UAE - Steel Production (in Million Tons), 2006 & 2012F
Figure 4-2: UAE - Steel Consumption (in Million Tons), 2006 & 2007E
Figure 4-3: UAE - Iron Ore Imports (in ‘000 Metric Tons), 2003-2006
Figure 4-4: UAE - Steel Scrape Exports (in ‘000 Metric Tons), 2003-2006
Figure 4-5: UAE - Market Share of Steel Companies (%), 2006 & 2010F
Figure 5-1: UAE - Steel Imports (in ‘000 Tons), 2004 & 2006
Figure 5-2: UAE - Share of Rebar Steel in Steel Imports (%), 2004 & 2006

List of Tables:

Table 2-1: GCC - Capacity of Under Planned Steel Projects (in Million Tons)
Table 4-1: UAE - Steel Imports by Product (in ‘000 Tons), 2004-2006
Table 4-2: UAE - Steel Companies Activity Matrix

Report Summary
Pages: 40
Publish Date: August, 2008
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This report was made by RNCOS, India based on secondary research.SteelGuru doesn't guarantee or endorse the correctness or completeness of the contents. SteelGuru does not take any liability or complaints arising out of the same in any way, whatsoever.

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