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Caspian gas is our salvation - Mr Gunther Oettinger
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Friday, 07 Dec 2012

Mr Gunther Oettinger EU Energy Commissioner stands for the early launch of the Trans Anatolian pipeline project so that Europe manages to solve the problem of energy dependence on Russia.

Mr Oettinger said that "It is the Caspian gas that is our salvation. Azerbaijan being ready to become a transit country, should be able to transport through its territory 30 billion cubic meters of gas a year."

He recalled that in the near future Russia will begin construction of the gas pipeline South Stream. Russia is committed to this project and we, therefore, are faced with a certain pressure. We, in turn should pressure in realization of projects that fall under the scope of our interests.

He said that "If the South Stream gets implemented and not TANAP the entire Turkmen gas will go to Russia and on but at a higher price to Europe. The natural gas in the coming decades will be used as the primary fuel in Europe though coal will not lose its positions. However, despite the rapid development of unconventional gas resources, they do not replace traditional gas and significant changes in this area are not expected. The agenda of the Council of Europe 2020 has issues related to saving energy, the most important of which is the policy of the '20-20-20."

Mr Oettinger said that this policy, including the import of renewable energy from the Mediterranean region, is successfully implemented. In 2020, European demand for natural gas will increase to 600 billion cubic meters and they will mostly be repaid through new pipelines that will be built on the territory of Norway, Algeria and the Caspian region.

He said that Southern Gas Corridor is a good opportunity to start the project on [pumping] Azerbaijani gas at around 10 billion cubic meters but it is not enough for the whole project. Taking into account the rapid growth of the need of Turkey in gas, the volume of 6 billion cubic meters for it will not be enough. Given this, 10 billion cubic meters of gas supplies to Europe will be reduced to zero and we cannot be content with the specified amount.

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