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Gazprom and RUSNANO sign protocol of joint actions
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Thursday, 04 Nov 2010

Within the Third Nanotechnology International Forum, Mr Alexey Miller Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Mr Anatoly Chubais Director General of RUSNANO signed a Protocol of Joint Actions.

The Protocol identifies the key areas of cooperation between the companies for the purpose of expanding the use of nanotechnologies at gas industry companies. Pursuant to the Protocol, the parties also approved a plan of Gazprom-RUSNANO joint projects. The Protocol provides for data exchange between Gazprom and RUSNANO regarding the existing and prospective projects so as to facilitate the decision-making on the expediency and possible forms of each party’s participation in the said projects.

The plan of joint projects envisages, inter alia, that RUSNANO will provide Gazprom with sci-tech data on the projects targeted at producing functional nanostructured coatings and prepregs based on nanomodified hydrocarbon and mineral fibers and nanomodified binders. Gazprom, in its turn, is going to provide RUSNANO with information on the Sulfur Use in the Construction and Road Construction Industries project.

Under the Protocol, when preparing the corporate innovative development program, Gazprom is intent on considering RUSNANO’s potential involvement in individual projects of the program.

The protocol also stipulates joint development of a program aimed at boosting demand for innovative, including nanotechnology, products across the gas industry. In addition, the companies plan to address possible participation of RUSNANO’s investment funds in the activities of a venture fund for innovative technologies being shaped by Gazprom.

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