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Interpipe decommissions open hearth production
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Monday, 19 Nov 2012

Ukrainian News Agency reported that the Interpipe pipe and wheel company on November 14th 2012 finally decommissioned open hearth production.

"On November 14th 2012 was decommissioned the last open hearth furnace at Interpipe Nyzhniodniprovskyi tube rolling plant. Following the previously announced plans Interpipe has ceased using this outdated and environmentally harmful method of steelmaking.

Apart from this, the statement said that abandoning the open hearth technology has been made possible thanks to the company commissioning Interpipe Steel electric steel smelting complex which will enable cut harmful emissions into the atmosphere as well as energy and gas costs many times.

Interpipe planned to decommission open-hearth production in late October of H1 of November. Interpipe commissioned Interpipe Steel on October 5.

Danieli Heavy Machinery Engineering built Interpipe Steel by Interpipe's order. Interpipe plans to drive its electric steel smelting complex Interpipe Steel to design capacity by July 2013.

Interpipe is the largest producer of pipes and wheels in Ukraine. It controls the Nyzhniodniprovskyi tube rolling plant, the Novomoskovsk pipe plant and the seamless pipe plant Niko Tube.

Source - Ukrainian News Agency


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