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Lukashenko eyes crude for refinery deal
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Friday, 19 Oct 2012

RIA Novosti reported that Belarus is ready to allow Russian businesses to buy its domestic refineries in privatizations in exchange for access to Russia’s oil and gas deposits.

Mr Alexander Lukashenko president of Belarus said that “We can give you factories and you [Russia] give us a possibility to extract this oil. Why do the Brits and Americans extract oil in Russia while why you don’t admit us there?

Mr Lukashenko said that Belarus imports 12 billion cubic meters of Russian natural gas annually but could itself produce 10 billion cubic meters at Russian gas fields. The same applies to oil. We’ll work better than your Russian companies do and you’ll never present claims to us for any oil spills or fires.

Belarus owns the Naftan oil refinery in Novopolotsk and the Mozyr oil processing plant which refined a total of 22 million tonnes of crude last year.

In July, Mr Mr Vladimir Putin president of Russia said that Russia would spend around USD 10 billion on building new refineries and improving existing ones. Over the next 4 years, will invest RUB 300 billion in construction of new refineries and petrochemical units upgrade existing ones and improving the quality refined products."

Source - RIA Novosti


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