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Vacuum degasser at Ural Steel begins industrial production
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Wednesday, 07 Nov 2012

A vacuum degasser began industrial production at the electric arc furnace shop (EAFS) of Ural Steel, a part of METALLOINVEST, on 2 November 2012.

The vacuum degasser is forecast to process up to 1.2 million tonnes of molten steel per year, including the production of strips, heavy plates, structural rolled products, tubular billets and cast round billets. In addition, the new unit will enable the production of high grade steel strips (X80-X100).

Mr Dmitry Mitrofanov, Managing Director of Ural Steel, commented: “The introduction of this equipment at its given capacity will, of course, lead to an increase in the quality of rolled metal, therefore enabling us to significantly increase the competitiveness of the products made at the plant. Pilot production of the vacuum degasser has already allowed us to improve the key quality indicators of products at the plate plant.

Vacuum degassing is one of the most effective treatments of molten steel. It significantly reduces the content of dissolved oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen, as well as non-metallic inclusions, thus increasing the quality of the steel.

The project took two years to complete and cost more than RUB 700 million. A contract was awarded to Siemens VAI in June 2010 to supply the equipment. Hot testing of the vacuum degasser took place on 20 March 2012. From March to October 2012, 0.3 million tonnes was produced at the plant as part of the pilot production.



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