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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SteelGuru?

SteelGuru is an attempt to make one-of-a-kind place to help individuals and companies in the business of steel and allied materials to do better by utilizing information.

We, at SteelGuru, believe that after the age of Information Technology in the earlier years of this decade, now the age of information has come. We also strongly believe in free dissemination of information, unless it is specific in nature and that in coming times users would not pay for information of general nature.

Our effort is centered around steel industry but also covers related fields like raw materials, mining, equipments and logistics etc. We also cover consuming segments like auto, pipelines, infrastructures and shipbuilding etc. General economic indicators and other factors influencing steel business are also covered.

Our team collects news from various sources and edits them to make them easy to read and reader friendly and than post about 150 of them on the website 365 days a year without any break.

As the number of articles is quite large, we have categorized them in 8 areas, for easy access
1. International
2. Chinese
3. Indian
4. Middle East
5. Russian
6. Raw materials and mining
7. Special steels 8. Metals

You can create a PDF file for any article as well as mail to friend. To facilitate sharing of information, easy to use tools for 21 platforms are provided


Although all the news articles can be accessed without making any registration, some of the features like Advanced Searching, Trade Leads, Forum, Jobs etc are available to registered users. Interested

What other services Steel Guru provides?

SteelGuru website has some more features including advance search function, archives, technical information, specifications, glossary and converters etc, which can be accessed by a registered user only.
We also partner with industry related events to keep our readers informed about them. In addition, we are selling reports on the industry, most of which are published by other agencies.

How popular is SteelGuru?

SteelGuru was started in June 2005 and now our web site gets more than 90,000 page hits per day, which makes it the most popular steel portal in English language globally.
About 55% visitors are from India, followed by China, Indonesia, US, UK, Australia and Canada.
One can make comparison of popularity of SteelGuru using a web site ranking portal, with other steel related portals

What is Steel Trade Today?

STT is an email based newsletter, which is sent to interested subscribers 365 days a year free of charge.
STT is published in 8 versions.
1. International
2. Chinese
3. Indian
4. Middle East
5. Russian
6. Raw materials and mining
7. Special steels
8. Metal

Each version has three parts specific news, other news and headlines of balance news with links to website.

How can I register to receive STT?

Interested users can also submit their basic details by clicking New on our home page for receiving our flagship email newsletter

Just by entry of a correct e-mail address with some personal details in the STT subscription form followed by verification. Your acceptance to receive STT is essential.

What are the conditions of STT Subscription?

Please read our Subscription Policies for STT.

What will a subscription to STT cost me?

Unlike other services on the Internet, STT is absolutely a zero-cost service. Really, no payment or purchase required whatsoever.

What is the reach of Steel Trade Today?

In addition there are more than 50,000 subscribers spread across 168 countries, who receive Steel Trade Today everyday, making STT largest circulating news letter on steel in the world.

How can I get STT?

You would get the days STT by email. All editions of STT by mail are dispatched before 8:00 AM IST everyday.

How can I get price related information?

For specific information on steel prices, we have 3 paid ventures
You may like to visit them to know the service parameters.

Can I contribute articles and news to SteelGuru?

Our editors exercise stringent controls on news articles that appear on STT when it comes to quality. Before you send any news or analysis to our editors, please run through the following checklist:
* Is the news really related to steel, coal or iron ore?
* How will it benefit the readers of SteelGuru?
* Have all the facts been checked and re-checked?
Once this is done, please mail your story to our editors at . However, please understand that though we welcome news contributions, we may not be able to run your story as is, or even run it at all.

Will you sell or share my information with others?

At SteelGuru, we know how bad the SPAM and virus problem is. As a matter of policy, we do not share or sell or share any of your information with an of our sister concerns, partners or appointed agents.

Any details you provide us will only be used in the scope of STT and any other service SteelGuru offers. For more information, you can read our Subscription Policies.

Who owns and operates SteelGuru?

SteelGuru is operated by a team consisting of several steel industry insiders, as well as IT professionals and research analysts.
The entire effort is supported by the Major & Minor Group, which is based at Gurgaon India.


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