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Latrobe Magnesium & German power company agree on commercial study
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Tuesday, 15 Jan 2013

Executives from Latrobe Magnesium Limited and RWE Power have agreed to progress a concept study to determine the commercial viability of a LMG hydromet process in Europe.

Latrobe Magnesium has recently met with RWE Power in Germany to assess the results of hydromet and laboratory test work over the past year on the RWE brown coal fly ash from its Hambach mine near Cologne.

Even though LMG achieved 70% iron removal from RWE Power’s fly ash using the hydromet process, LMG is considering additional measures to remove more iron content. This may be achieved by adding a physical separation step or by reconditioning the fly ash’s mineralogy.

When the results of this work are obtained the parties will have sufficient information to determine how to proceed with the development of a magnesium plant in Germany. Further details have to be worked on.

RWE Power and LMG have identified the brown coal fly ash from the Hambach mine as being the most suitable to commercially extract magnesium. Initial estimates indicate that some 80,000 tonnes of magnesium and 500,000 tonnes of cementitious material could be produced annually. Currently Europe imports most of its magnesium from China.

Based upon its Australian adjustment study results, LMG’s process is cost competitive with Chinese producers.

RWE Power AG is part of the RWE Group in Germany. The RWE Group is a top 30 company listed on the German Stock Exchange (DAX). RWE Power uses a broad energy mix of brown coal, hydro, and nuclear power stations. RWE Power is also a driver of innovation for coal fired power stations and CO2-avoidance. It employs more than 13,500 people.

Source - Latrobe Magnesium


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