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Philippines halts release of products of Sanyo Seiki Stainless Steel Corp
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Thursday, 21 Jul 2011

It is reported that Philippines Bureau of Customs has denied the release of the manufactured products of a stainless steel importer whose delivery truck was seized over the weekend.

As per report, Customs officials did not allow the release of the truck even as the legal team of Sanyo Seiki Stainless Steel Corporation presented legal supporting documents.

The latest attempt of BoC to shake down the firm was described by its owners as unlawful and has no basis.

Ms Jenny Chan VP at Sanyo Seiki said that "We're not just being targeted by the BoC, they're also trying to bring down our business. I believe they are doing this to us because of our resistance to submit to their extortion attempts."

She that said Sanyo Seiki's legal counsels showed documents to prove that the items were locally purchased but they were impounded at a police station in Meycauayan, where the BoC team left the delivery truck.

Ms Chan raised concerns that the steel products loaded in the delivery truck could be vulnerable to pilferage when they are not released immediately.

It can be recalled that on July 9th 2011, BoC operatives held a delivery of Sanyo Seiki containing manufactured products from their Meycauayan warehouse. Shortly after it left its warehouse, a delivery truck of Sanyo Seiki was reportedly seized by Customs personnel, preventing it from reaching its customers.

Ms Chan sought the attention of Customs Commissioner Mr Angelito Alvarez to look into the actuations of his men.

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