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Stainless steel Grade Duplex 2101 LDX (UNS S32101)
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Thursday, 07 Mar 2013

Stainless steel grade Duplex 2101 LDX is a low-alloyed, general-purpose duplex. This steel possesses high tensile strength as well as high fatigue strength. Its high mechanical strength is same as other duplex grades, and its good corrosion resistance is equal to most standard stainless steel grades. All these properties are utilized to design products with strength, low maintenance, durability and long-term cost efficiency.

The following datasheet provides an overview of stainless steel grade Duplex 2101 LDX.

Chemical Composition
The chemical composition of stainless steel grade Duplex 2101 LDX is outlined in the following table.

ElementContent (%)
Iron, Fe71.45
Chromium, Cr21.5
Manganese, Mn5
Nickel, Ni1.5
Molybdenum, Mo0.3
Nitrogen, N0.22
Carbon, C0.03

Mechanical Properties
The mechanical properties of stainless steel grade Duplex 2101 LDX are displayed in the following table.

Tensile strength (annealed)696 MPa101000 psi
Yield strength (@strain 0.200 %)450 MPa65300 psi
Modulus of elasticity200 GPa29000 ksi
Shear modulus77 GPa11200 ksi
Poisson�s ratio0.30.3
Elongation at break (In 2", 50% cold worked)38%38%

The applications of stainless steel grade Duplex 2101 LDX are as follows:
Storage tanks
Water heaters
Pressure vessels
Heat exchangers
Seawater systems
Flue-gas cleaning
Desalination plants
Reinforcement bars
Pulp and paper industry
Building and construction
Rotors, impellers and shafts
Components for structural design
Firewalls and blast walls on offshore platforms
Cargo tanks and pipe systems in chemical tankers

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