Defending Skies: Rheinmetall's Air Shield Breakthrough

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In a milestone move for Germany's ground-based air defense, Rheinmetall, alongside Diehl Defence and Hensoldt Sensors, secures a €1.2 billion development contract for the Air Defence System for Close-Range and Near-Range Protection (LVS NNbS). This collaboration addresses a crucial capability gap in the Bundeswehr, optimizing medium-range air defense and enhancing troop protection on the move. The project integrates cutting-edge technologies, fostering national industry growth and bolstering Germany's role in NATO.


*Germany's Defense Leap:*

In a significant stride towards enhancing Germany's defense capabilities, Rheinmetall, in conjunction with Diehl Defence and Hensoldt Sensors, clinches a €1.2 billion development contract for the Air Defence System for Close-Range and Near-Range Protection (LVS NNbS). This landmark initiative stems from Germany's commitment to NATO's ground-based air defense and the European Skyshield Initiative.

*Strategic Consortium Formation:*

Founded in 2021, the NNbS consortium comprises Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH, Diehl Defence GmbH & Co. KG, and Hensoldt Sensors GmbH. The consortium's combined expertise aims to optimize medium-range air defense and pioneer highly mobile anti-aircraft capabilities, ensuring the protection of deployed troops from airborne threats, even while in motion.

*Decisive Steps Towards Air Supremacy:*

The LVS NNbS development project focuses on networking individual components, integrating the IRIS T-SLM air defense system, ensuring interoperability, and extending interception capabilities to short ranges. This interconnected approach facilitates collaboration between IRIS T-SLM fire units and the upcoming Skyranger 30 anti-aircraft gun tank, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the defense system.

*Nurturing National Industry:*

The project's development and manufacturing will be spearheaded by the national industry, with ARGE NNbS serving as the federal government's contractual partner. This collaboration not only addresses critical defense needs but also preserves and advances key technologies within Germany, fostering growth and innovation.

*Synergies for Future Challenges:*

By consolidating complementary core competencies, ARGE NNbS positions itself to meet the distinctive requirements of the defense sector. This collaborative effort ensures the preservation and further development of key technologies within Germany, providing a solid foundation for addressing evolving defense challenges.

*Contributions from Industry Leaders:*

Rheinmetall, Diehl Defence, and Hensoldt bring unique strengths to the consortium. Rheinmetall, with its Electronic Solutions and Vehicle Systems divisions, contributes technological know-how and extensive experience in defense system development. Diehl Defence, a system integrator for air defense systems, brings a wealth of expertise in guided missiles, ammunition, and protection systems. Hensoldt, as a supplier of key national technologies, adds its field-proven products, including radars, to the collaboration.


As the development contract is inked, a new chapter unfolds in Germany's defense landscape. Rheinmetall, alongside esteemed partners, embarks on a journey to fortify the nation's air defense capabilities. This collaborative endeavor not only marks a technological breakthrough but also signifies Germany's commitment to playing a pivotal role in NATO and addressing the evolving challenges in the realm of defense.

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