Eco-Wings: Airbus & CSIR-IIP's Flight to SAF Excellence

SAFImage Source: AIRBUS


Airbus and CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum join forces in a groundbreaking initiative, signing an MoU to propel Sustainable Aviation Fuel development in India. With a focus on indigenous technology pathways and locally sourced feedstocks, the collaboration aims to usher in a new era for the Indian aerospace industry, aligning with decarbonization goals. Guided by the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India, Prof. Ajay Sood, the partnership signifies a crucial step towards India becoming a global hub for SAF production.


In a significant stride towards environmental stewardship, Airbus and CSIR-IIP have forged a strategic alliance, marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Hyderabad. The collaboration sets the stage for pioneering advancements in Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) technology, addressing the imperative need for decarbonization within the Indian aerospace industry.

*Decarbonizing the Skies:*

The aviation sector's commitment to reducing carbon emissions is echoed in heightened CO₂reduction targets, aiming for Net-Zero by 2050. SAF emerges as a pivotal component in this ambitious decarbonization journey. The collaboration between Airbus and CSIR-IIP is poised to be a game-changer, fostering innovation and sustainable practices to propel the aviation sector towards a greener future.

*The Catalyst: Prof. Ajay Sood's Vision:*

At the heart of this collaboration is the vision of Prof. Ajay Sood, the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India. With a focus on industrializing indigenous emerging technologies, Prof. Sood emphasizes the role of SAF as a tangible solution for immediate decarbonization. The partnership seeks to leverage India's potential, transforming it into a SAF production powerhouse on the global stage.

*Airbus's Commitment to Green Aviation:*

Rémi Maillard, President and Managing Director of Airbus India and South Asia, underscores SAF as a cornerstone of Airbus's decarbonization roadmap. Expressing confidence in India's ability to emerge as a global SAF production hub, Airbus commits to nurturing and advancing this potential. The MoU with CSIR-IIP stands as a significant milestone in realizing the ambition to decarbonize the aviation sector.

*Addressing Challenges for a Sustainable Future:*

Dr. Harender Singh Bisht, Director of CSIR-IIP, acknowledges the challenges in scaling up SAF production and bridging the cost gap with conventional jet fuel. The collaboration between CSIR-IIP and Airbus aims to overcome these hurdles, advocating for SAF usage as a paramount solution to reduce aviation emissions. The commitment extends beyond theoretical collaboration, with tangible actions aimed at making SAF a mainstream aviation fuel.

*From Blends to Full Flight:*

Currently, all Airbus aircraft are certified to fly on a 50% SAF blend, with a visionary goal to achieve 100% SAF capability by 2030. The collaborative efforts will play a crucial role in increasing this blend percentage, ultimately eliminating the dependence on fossil fuels. CSIR-IIP's expertise will delve into fuel properties under the new pathway, while Airbus provides essential guidance on fuel evaluation processes and aircraft systems.

*Charting a Green Trajectory:*

As the partnership unfolds, CSIR-IIP and Airbus embark on a mission to study the impact of SAF on aircraft systems and the environment. Fuel properties under the new pathway will be scrutinized, ensuring that the transition to SAF aligns seamlessly with aviation safety standards. The collaboration signifies not just a commitment to sustainable aviation but a pledge to redefine the trajectory of India's aerospace industry.


In the realm of sustainable aviation, the collaboration between Airbus and CSIR-IIP emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation. With SAF at the forefront, the partnership signifies more than a technological alliance; it represents a shared commitment to shaping a future where aviation and environmental sustainability coexist harmoniously. Guided by visionary leaders and driven by a collective vision, Airbus and CSIR-IIP embark on a journey to not just reduce carbon footprints but to rewrite the narrative of aviation's impact on the planet.

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