Fortifying Defense: Lockheed Martin's Strategic Alliances, Poland

PatriotImage Source: Lockheed Martin


In a mission to stay ahead of evolving threats, Lockheed Martin deepens its roots in Poland through the Wisla Offset Program. Partnering with key government defense entities, Lockheed Martin spearheads high-value projects vital for Poland's national defense. The Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) Missile Segment Enhancement (MSE) takes center stage, with local industrial partners achieving significant milestones, solidifying Poland's role in the PAC-3 program.



In the realm of global defense, Lockheed Martin stands as a stalwart guardian, ensuring nations are equipped to face evolving threats. The aerospace giant's mission extends beyond borders, and in Poland, it takes shape through the Wisla Offset Program. This strategic initiative fosters collaborations with crucial Polish government defense companies, driving high-value projects that not only sustain engineering jobs but also propel Poland into new realms of technology and training.

Anna Ortylewski, In-country Leader for Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) Poland Offsets, emphasizes Lockheed Martin's enduring commitment to Poland's national defense. This commitment goes beyond immediate goals, focusing on building technical capabilities within the Polish industrial base, creating and sustaining high-value jobs, and nurturing a robust skills base. The objective is clear: add substantial value to both the Polish Armed Forces and the Ministry of National Defense.

At the heart of these endeavors lies the PAC-3 Missile Segment Enhancement (MSE), a linchpin in Poland's missile defense under the WISLA program. Lockheed Martin's PAC-3 MSE serves as a crucial element, contributing to Poland's regional security. Over the past year, Polish industrial partners have achieved noteworthy milestones, propelling the success of the PAC-3 program.

The year 2023 witnessed key milestones achieved by Lockheed Martin's Polish industrial partners, marking significant progress toward the in-country manufacturing goal for the PAC-3 program.

WZE completed the production of the Enhanced Launcher Electronics System (ELES) and Junction-box (J-box) systems. These components are integral to the PAC-3 MSE's launcher and ground equipment. This accomplishment positions WZE to bid on the WISLA Phase II Production Contract, strengthening transatlantic partnerships and bringing ground equipment production in-country.

WZL 1 gained U.S. Government certification as an official PAC-3 supplier after completing critical milestones. This enables them to initiate production on PAC-3 MSE Launch Tubes, a vital component of the PAC-3 MSE production. Lockheed Martin placed production orders with WZL 1, signifying another stride in bringing PAC-3 MSE production to Poland.

WZU successfully completed the Heater Controller Unit (HCU) project, obtaining a First Article Inspection unit. This milestone signifies WZU's alignment with Lockheed Martin's standards and best practices. As an approved supplier, WZU contributes to PAC-3 MSE production, fostering business in the Polish industry.

The partnership between Lockheed Martin and the Polish Ministry of National Defense extends into the future. An agreement for offset commitments supporting the PAC-3 WISLA Phase II program has been finalized. This agreement introduces eight new projects, enhancing technology, training, and technical assistance within the Polish defense industrial base. These initiatives aim to strengthen Poland's regional security, contributing to economic prosperity and critical security assets for the Polish armed forces.


Lockheed Martin's unwavering commitment to fortify Poland's national defense echoes through successful collaborations and milestone achievements. The strides made in 2023 lay the foundation for a resilient partnership, solidifying Poland's role in the global defense landscape. As Lockheed Martin and its Polish counterparts navigate through WISLA Phase I & II, the shared vision of a secure and technologically advanced future for Poland takes shape.

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