Honeywell-Killick: Elevating Boeing Fleet

*****Happy Christmas***** Honeywell and KILLICK AEROSPACE fortify their alliance, expanding distribution agreements for rotable spares in Boeing Fleets until
Killick Aerospace
Killick Aerospace Image Source: Honeywell


Honeywell and Killick Aerospace fortify their alliance, expanding distribution agreements for rotable spares in Boeing Fleets until 2033. This partnership aims to provide prompt access to quality spare parts globally, enhancing support for Boeing Operators and bolstering their aviation performance.



September 2023 marks a pivotal moment in aviation as Honeywell and Killick Aerospace fortify their collaboration, solidifying extended distribution agreements for rotable spares designed for the Boeing Fleets. This strategic move supplements existing agreements for NGS products (extended until 2029) and Legacy Boeing Rotable Products (extended for a decade, until 2033).

Pete Brady, Director of OEM Programs at Killick Aerospace, expressed enthusiasm, stating, "We are honored by Honeywell's selection and are committed to supporting our existing customers and additional Boeing Operators worldwide. Our Distribution Centers in Dublin, Dallas, and Singapore ensure the availability of stock."

Killick Aerospace, chosen by Honeywell for its market reach and exemplary performance, embodies a select group of companies demonstrating steadfast commitment, integrity, and compliance.

Paola Hernandez, Customer Business Director at Honeywell Aerospace, highlighted the significance of this partnership, stating, "This agreement reinforces our enduring partnership and ensures timely access to premium spare parts, catering to our customers' needs."

Apart from the exclusive Distribution Agreement, Killick Aerospace has secured a substantial package of sub-assembly components and detail parts for Boeing, Embraer, and Airbus Fleet types. This acquisition guarantees the immediate availability of spare parts worldwide, supporting critical turn times in MRO facilities.


The extended alliance between Honeywell and Killick Aerospace signifies a significant stride in bolstering Boeing Fleet support until 2033. This partnership emphasizes timely access to top-notch spare parts globally, enhancing aviation operations and fostering resilience within the aerospace industry.

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