Honeywell's PEAF: Simplified Cockpit Learning

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Honeywell introduces the Primus Elite Advanced Features (PEAF) Interactive Tool, streamlining pilots' learning experiences with modern cockpit functionalities. This tool, accessible across devices, simplifies comprehension through intuitive visuals, linking information, and videos, revolutionizing how pilots grasp complex flight decks.


Honeywell unveils the Primus Elite Advanced Features (PEAF) Interactive Tool, redefining the learning landscape for pilots engaging with modern cockpit technologies. Recognizing the demand for swift comprehension in cockpit functionalities, this tool provides an intuitive, visual-based learning environment. Pilots can easily access and navigate through complex flight decks via computers, tablets, or smartphones.

The PEAF Interactive Tool serves as an innovative response to pilots' needs for quick familiarity with modern flight decks. While contemporary cockpits appear sleeker, they encompass extensive information, including Primary Flight Display (PFD), Synthetic Vision System (SVS), and Multifunction Display (MFD), among other components of the Primus Elite display upgrade. This tool bridges the comprehension gap, offering an interactive, user-friendly interface for pilots.

Traditionally, pilots relied on manuals and interactive training to grasp new cockpit features. The PEAF Tool, designed by experienced pilots, amalgamates these approaches into an easy-to-use app. Pilots can tap on elements displayed on their screens to access information or watch instructional videos, creating an immersive and practical learning environment.

The tool's visual-centric approach simplifies the learning curve, allowing users to tap or click on cockpit elements for definitions and high-level overviews. This streamlined process eliminates the inefficiency of searching through manuals, offering instant access to pertinent information or videos for deeper insights.

Each screen within the PEAF Tool features an Information button, providing helpful definitions and links. Additionally, a vertical menu offers direct access to the Pilot's Guide, videos, a Home button, and more, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Soon, access to the PEAF interactive learning module will be available through the Honeywell Pilot Gateway, catering to various aircraft models and software versions. This initiative aims to democratize learning by providing a valuable resource within an accessible online platform.

Jeff Kucharski, the Program Manager Flight Technical Services at Honeywell, spearheads this innovative learning tool, marking a significant leap in simplifying cockpit comprehension and enhancing pilots' readiness for modern flight decks.


Honeywell's PEAF Interactive Tool revolutionizes pilot training by merging practical experience, visual learning, and informational resources. This tool signifies a significant leap in bridging the gap between traditional manuals and modern technological advancements in cockpit functionalities.

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