Leonardo DRS Triumphs in Ulsan-Class Frigate Trials

ROK Navy
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Leonardo DRS achieves success in Republic of Korea Navy's sea trials for the Ulsan-Class Future Frigate. The company's hybrid electric drive propulsion system ensures enhanced anti-submarine warfare capability with reduced noise and improved fuel efficiency. The trials showcase outstanding performance, securing deployment plans and production for additional shipsets.


Leonardo DRS proudly announces the triumph of its hybrid electric drive propulsion system in the comprehensive sea trials for the Ulsan-Class Future Frigate, Batch-3 (FFX-III) of the Republic of Korea Navy (ROK Navy). As a provider of this cutting-edge propulsion system, Leonardo DRS has delivered a solution that significantly enhances the ship's anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capabilities while ensuring reduced noise generation and superior fuel economy.

Jon Miller, Leonardo DRS Naval Power Systems Senior Vice President and General Manager, expresses pride in the successful and timely sea trials, highlighting the collaboration with key entities like Hyosung Corporation, Korean shipbuilding HD Hyundai Heavy Industries (HD HHI), and the ROK Navy. Miller acknowledges the engineering team's exceptional expertise, technical skill, and professionalism in proving the system's operation and overall performance for the Ulsan-Class FFX-III Frigate.

The 10-day sea trial, conducted in the Sea of Japan in August 2023, marked a crucial milestone in testing the Ulsan-Class FFX-III. Demonstrating exceptional performance, superior fuel economy, and compliance with performance requirements, these trials secured immediate deployment plans by the ROK Navy. Leonardo DRS is poised to commence production for five additional shipsets in the FFX-III series.

As a prominent provider of hybrid electric drive systems and advanced electrical power conversion and propulsion technology, Leonardo DRS specializes in supporting the U.S. Navy and global allies. The company's investments in propulsion and power generation technology contribute significantly to catering to the increased power demands of current and future naval platforms.

Headquartered in Arlington, VA, Leonardo DRS, Inc. stands as an innovative and agile provider of advanced defense technology. Its commitment to disruptive technologies and disruptive capabilities plays a pivotal role in defending against evolving threats.


Leonardo DRS's successful sea trials for the Ulsan-Class Future Frigate underscore its commitment to advancing naval technology. The integration of its hybrid electric drive propulsion system ensures enhanced capabilities, reduced noise, and improved fuel efficiency, solidifying its position as a pivotal contributor to modern naval defense.

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