Leonardo's C-27J Spartan Achieves 250,000 Flight Hours

C-27J Spartan
C-27J SpartanImage Source: Leonardo


Leonardo celebrates a significant milestone as its C-27J Spartan fleet completes 250,000 flight hours. Operating in 17 countries across continents, this military transport aircraft has excelled in defense, civil protection, and diverse missions, demonstrating its adaptability and crucial role in challenging terrains where other aircraft struggle.


Leonardo proudly commemorates a major achievement by its C-27J Spartan global fleet, amassing an impressive milestone of 250,000 flight hours. Embraced by military operators in 17 nations worldwide, the C-27J has showcased its operational prowess, navigating through the most daunting environments and challenging operational contexts, from the heights of the Andes to the demanding terrains of Afghanistan.

Dario Marfè, Senior Vice President of Commercial, CSS&T & Proprietary Programmes Business at Leonardo’s Aircraft Division, underscores the C-27J Spartan's integral role in national security and its substantial contributions to defense force operations and civil protection tasks. Amid global emergencies like the Covid-19 pandemic, the Spartan has been a steadfast support to communities in need.

Evolved and continually upgraded to meet market demands and technical advancements, the aircraft has progressed to its latest iteration, the C-27J Spartan Next Generation. This advanced configuration integrates state-of-the-art avionics and winglets for superior efficiency and operational performance. Featuring a glass cockpit with advanced communication systems and tactical transport mission capabilities, it ensures seamless compatibility with other transport aircraft.

Moreover, the addition of winglets enhances aerodynamic performance, augmenting lift-drag ratios for improved runway performance, increased payload, range, and cost-effective operations. With parts manufactured using modern 3D Additive Manufacturing technology, the C-27J remains adaptable and versatile, capable of in-flight refueling and equipped for high-threat environments with secure communication and ballistic protection systems.

The aircraft's versatility extends to its adaptability for various missions, facilitating swift reconfiguration into fire-fighting, Maritime Patrol (MP), Command-Control-Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C3ISR), and special operations versions, ensuring its relevance in diverse operational scenarios.


Leonardo's C-27J Spartan's remarkable milestone of 250,000 flight hours underscores its adaptability, versatility, and pivotal role in defense and civil operations globally. Continuously evolving and technologically advanced, this aircraft remains a critical asset, excelling in challenging environments where other aircraft might struggle.

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